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Cityscape - Volume 24, Number 2, 2022: Measuring Blight
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1 x 2002 State GSE Single-Family Census Tract Data Set(s) on CD-ROM1 x 1998 State GSE Single Family And Multifamily Data Set On Diskette (3 1/2" IBM PC Compatible)1 x Voucher Homeownership Study Volume I Cross-Site Analysis2 x The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program: National Survey of Property Owners1 x 2005 GSE Single Family Census Tract Files By MSA on CD-ROM1 x American Housing Survey for the DENVER Metropolitan Area: 20041 x 2002 2002 Multifamily GSE Mortgage Data Sets on CD-ROM1 x A Report on the Feasibility of Deconstruction1 x Trends in Worst Case Needs for Housing, 1978 - 1999: A Report to Congress on Worst Case Housing Needs1 x Evidence Matters - Spring/Summer 20141 x A Community Guide To Basic And Cost-Saving Construction In The American Southwest1 x Industrializing the Residential Construction Site Phase III: Production Systems1 x Study of the Ongoing Affordability of HOME Program Rents1 x Cityscape - Volume 17, Number 1, 2015: Urban Problems and Spatial Methods1 x Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research Vol. 4, No. 1: Multifamily Financing (July 1998)1 x Housing Finance Working Paper Series: The GSE's Funding of Affordable Loans (Housing Finance Working Paper Series), 19961 x Guide to HUD USER Data Sets1 x Cityscape - Volume 23, Number 2, 2021: Double Issue, The Rental Assistance Demonstration And The Hispanic Housing Experience In The United States.1 x Life Cycle Assessment Tools to Measure Environmental Impacts: Assessing Their Applicability to the Home Building Industry 1 x ResearchWorks Volume 3 Number 21 x ResearchWorks Volume 5 Number 1 - December/January 20081 x Putting the Pieces Together: Controlling Lead Hazards in the Nation's Housing: Report*1 x American Housing Survey for the SAN ANTONIO Metropolitan Area: 20041 x Study on Section 8 Voucher Success Rates: Volume II: Qualitative Study of Five Rural Areas1 x Review of Structural Materials and Methods for Home Building in the United States: 1900 to 20001 x Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac GSE Single-Family and Multifamily Mortgage Data for 2000: National Set (CD-ROM)1 x American Housing Survey H170 771 x A Picture of Subsidized Households 1998: Supplement on Incomes & Household Members*1 x Life After Transitional Housing for Homeless Families1 x Officer Next Door (OND) And Teachers Next Door (TND) Program Evaluation1 x American Housing Survey for the Detroit Metro Area 19992 x Rehabilitation Data Needs: A Building Industry Forum1 x American Housing Survey for the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Area: 20071 x Claim for Fixed Payment in Lieu of Payment for Actual Moving and Related Expenses1 x Worst Case Housing Needs: 2017 Report To Congress1 x A Picture of Subsidized Households, Vol. 9: Pacific*1 x American Housing Survey 2005 - National Files (CD ROM)1 x Cityscape, Volume 11, Number 2 - Regulatory Innovation and Affordable Housing1 x Evidence Matters - Fall 20121 x Evidence Matters: Supporting Homeowners and Renters During Times of Disruption (Summer/Fall 2020)