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Evidence Matters: Intersectionality of Youth Homelessness (Spring 2022)
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1 x ResearchWorks Volume 6, Number 10 - November 20091 x U.S. Housing Market Conditions 1st Quarter 20061 x Evidence Matters: Spring/Summer 20191 x Cityscape: Volume 22, Number 2, 2020 - Two Essays On Unequal Growth In Housing1 x Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac GSE State Single-Family Census Tract Data Set for 1999 (CD-ROM)*1 x "2001 American Housing Survey" Wall Chart (HUD)1 x Claim for Fixed Payment in Lieu of Payment for Actual Moving and Related Expenses1 x Public Housing Reform Act (PHRA) Training Manual1 x Voucher Homeownership Study Volume I Cross-Site Analysis1 x Strategies for Reducing Chronic Street Homelessness1 x AHS Microdata on Metropolitan Areas 1988-92 (CD ROM)1 x Creating Connected Communities: A Guidebook for Improving Transportation Connections for Low- and Moderate-Income Households in Small and Mid-Sized Cities1 x Life Cycle Assessment Tools to Measure Environmental Impacts: Assessing Their Applicability to the Home Building Industry 1 x American Housing Survey for Phoenix Metropolitan Area: 20021 x ResearchWorks Volume 6, Number 3 - March 20091 x Electronic Permitting Systems and How to Implement Them1 x U.S. Housing Market Conditions (four quarterly issues)1 x American Housing Survey for the Kansas City Metropolitan Area: 20021 x HUD Public Housing Homeownership Training Manual...Moving up to the American Dream, 19971 x A Report on the Feasibility of Deconstruction1 x ResearchWorks Volume 2 Number 21 x Cityscape - Volume 23, Number 3, 2021: The Hispanic Housing Experience In The United States, Part II.1 x Evidence Matters - Summer 20112 x Evidence Matters Factory-Built Housing (Winter/Spring 2020)1 x 1998 Income Limits for "Low Income," "Very Low Income," and "Median Income," National (Printed Copy)*1 x 2004 GSE Single Family Census Tract Files By MSA1 x ResearchWorks Volume 1 Number 81 x ResearchWorks Volume 7 Number 1 - December/January 20101 x Cityscape - Volume 17, Number 2, 2015: Affordable, Accessible, Efficient Communities1 x Evidence Matters: Winter 20191 x U.S. Housing Conditions 4th Qtr1 x American Housing Survey for Milwaukee Metropolitan Area: 20021 x ResearchWorks Volume 5 Number 3 - March 20081 x Cityscape A Journal of Policy Development and Research. Regulatory Reform and Affordable Housing. Volume 23, Number 1 2021