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2011 Housing Profile: Kansas City, MO - KS - American Housing Survey Fact Sheets


2 x 2001 Multifamily GSE Mortgage Data Sets on CD-ROM1 x An Analysis of the Effects of the GSE Affordable Goal on Low- and Moderate- Income Families1 x Evidence Matters - Spring 20131 x A Blueprint for Action: A Resource for Promoting Home Modifications1 x Affordable Housing Design Advisor1 x ResearchWorks Volume 4 Number 4 April 20071 x Cityscape: Volume 22, Number 3, 2020 - The Moving to Work Retrospective Evaluation1 x AHS Microdata on Metropolitan Areas 1980 (datatape only)1 x Evidence Matters: Summer/Fall 20181 x A Study of Market Sector Overlap and Mortgage Lending1 x Study on Section 8 Voucher Success Rates: Volume II: Qualitative Study of Five Rural Areas1 x Tenant Integrity Program: Training Guide for Public Housing and Section 8 Certificate, Voucher, and Moderate Rehabilitation Program, 1992 *1 x U.S. Housing Market Conditions 2nd Quarter 20061 x American Housing Survey H170 771 x Metropolitan Area FactSheets - May 2013: San Jose - Sunnyvale - Santa Clara, CA1 x 2011 Housing Profile: Dallas, Plano, Irving, TX - American Housing Survey Fact Sheets1 x Evidence Matters: Spring 20181 x Higher Ground: Faith Communities and Community Building1 x American Housing Survey Tape National, 1991 (Choose EBCDIC or ASCII format)1 x Evidence Matters - Summer 20171 x Tools and Strategies for Improving Community Relations in the Housing Choice Voucher Program1 x Evidence Matters - Summer 20111 x American Housing Survey for Selected Metropolitan Areas: New Port News-VA Beach-Norfolk, 19981 x 2011 Housing Profile: Indianapolis - Carmel, IN - American Housing Survey Fact Sheets1 x Barriers to Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing Volume 2: Case Studies1 x A Guide to Deconstruction: An Overview of Destruction With a Focus on Community Development Opportunities1 x Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research Vol. 3, No. 3: Emerging Issues in Urban Development (June 1998)1 x Cityscape Volume 9 Number 3 - Planning for Catastrophe1 x Worst Case Housing Needs 20111 x Not In My Backyard: Removing Barriers to Affordable Housing, 1991 1 x ResearchWorks Volume 6 Number 4, April 20091 x American Housing Survey for the Tampa-St. Petersburg Metropolitan Area: 20071 x Assessing Housing Durability: A Pilot Study1 x American Housing Survey for Selected Metropolitan Areas: Providence-Pawtucket-Warwick, 19981 x American Housing Survey for Selected Metropolitan Areas: San Jose, 19981 x ResearchWorks Volume 4 Number 9 - October 20071 x American Housing Survey 2003 Poster (Folded)