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American Housing Survey 1997 National Microdata on CD-ROM


1 x ResearchWorks Volume 4 Number 7 July/August 20071 x American Housing Survey National Microdata 1999 Table Generating Data Disk1 x American Housing Survey National Files 1980-1983 plus all AHS Files 1973-1983 (WINZIP)1 x A Picture of Subsidized Households, Vol. 7: Great Plains1 x Affordable Housing Needs 2005: Report to Congress2 x 1998 State GSE Single Family And Multifamily Data Set On Diskette (3 1/2" IBM PC Compatible)1 x Adaptable Housing: A Technical Manual for Implementing Adaptable Dwelling Unit Specifications, 1987 *1 x American Housing Survey Metro Book, 1996, Seattle-Everett1 x Interim Evaluation of HUD's Homeownership Zone Initiative1 x American Housing Survey Tape Metro, 1987 (Choose EBCDIC or ASCII format)1 x America's Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being1 x American Housing Survey Metro Book, 1996, Sacramento1 x Assessment of FHA's Section 203(b) Program: A Comparison with Private Mortgage Insurance*1 x Cityscape Volume 9 Number 3 - Planning for Catastrophe1 x Housing Assistance and the Effects of Welfare Reform: Evidence from Connecticut and Minnesota 1 x Costs and Utilization in the Housing Choice Voucher Program1 x Data Error in the American Housing Survey for the United States: 19991 x Barriers to Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing Volume 2: Case Studies1 x "Cityscape: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the Housing Finance System II" Vol.6 Is. 11 x 2002 2002 Multifamily GSE Mortgage Data Sets on CD-ROM1 x 2003 National GSE Single-Family and Multifamily Data Set(s) on CD-ROM1 x Study of the Use of Credit Enhancements by Government Sponsored Enterprises1 x Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research Vol. 4, No. 1: Multifamily Financing (July 1998)1 x Smart Codes in Your Community: A Guide to Building Rehabilitation Codes1 x Recent House Price Trends and Homeownership Affordability1 x Claim for Rental Assistance of Down Payment Assistance1 x Claim for Moving and Related Expenses1 x Public and Assisted Housing Reforms for the 21st Century *Encore* Resident Leaders Conference, April 2-4, 20011 x Guide to HUD USER Data Sets - 20131 x Recent Research Results1 x FieldWorks May/June 20031 x Hope VI: An American Challenge1 x Annual Performance Plan FY 20091 x Recent Research Results April/May 20031 x Reducing Home Building Costs with OVE Design and Construction1 x Guide to Foundation and Support Systems for Manufactured Homes: March 20021 x Assessing Problems of Default in Local Mortgage Markets1 x Refinancing Premium,National Loan Limit, and Long-Term Care Premium Waiver for FHA's HECM Program1 x Rehabilitation Data Needs: A Building Industry Forum1 x Homelessness: Programs and the People They Serve- Summary Report1 x 2003 Metropolitan Statistical Area GSE Single-Family Census Tract Data Set(s) on CD-ROM1 x Annual Performance Plan FY 20071 x Best Practices for Effecting the Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing Volume I: Framework and Findings1 x Case Study of Section 8 Rental Vouchers and Rental Certificates in Alameda County, California*1 x Review of Selected Underwriting Guidelines to Identify Potential Barriers to Hispanic Homeownership1 x Homeownership Rate Differences Between Hispanics and Non-Hispanic Whites: Regional Variation at the County Level - Empirical Studies1 x Strategies for Improving Homeless People's Access to Mainstream Benefits and Services1 x Review of Structural Materials and Methods for Home Building in the United States: 1900 to 20001 x Public Housing Management Assessment Program Conference Handout1 x Research Maps (R-MAPS) Volume 3: Selected PD&R Data Sets with LandView(r), February 20011 x 2001 Income Limits for "Low Income," "Very Low Income," and "Median Income," National (Printed Copy)*1 x Redistribution Effect of Introducing Census 2000 Data Into the CDBG Formula