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2002 State GSE Single-Family Census Tract Data Set(s) on CD-ROM


1 x U.S. Housing Market Conditions, 4th Quarter 20111 x Empowerment: A New Covenant with America's Communities. President Clinton's National Urban Policy Report, 1995*1 x American Housing Survey Book, 1992, U. S. Supplement Tables1 x 1999 Income Limits for "Low Income," "Very Low Income," and "Median Income," Diskette version (ASCII and Excel) *1 x ResearchWorks Volume 6, Number 2 - February 20091 x What Works! In the empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities: Volume II1 x American Housing Survey Data Wall Chart 1999 (folded)1 x Updating The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Database- Projects Placed In Service Through 20011 x Public Housing Homeownership Demonstration Assessment: Case Studies, 19901 x Cityscape: Volume 21 Number 2, 2019 - National Survey of Mortgage Originations1 x 2006 Gse Single Family Census Tract Files By Msa on CD-ROM1 x Housing Finance Working Paper Series: Do FHA Multifamily Mortgage Insurance Programs Provide Affordable Housing and Serve Underserved Areas? An Analysis of FHA's Fiscal Year 1997 Book of Business and Comparison with the GSEs (Housing Finance Working P1 x U.S. Housing Market Conditions, 1st Quarter 19971 x Evidence Matters: Winter 20191 x Evidence Matters: Supporting Homeowners and Renters During Times of Disruption (Summer/Fall 2020)1 x American Housing Survey Book, 1992, What Is the American Housing Survey?*1 x Nonprofit Housing: Costs and Funding, Final Report Vol. I: Findings, 19931 x Are You Remodeling a Multi-Family Building?, 19961 x Rehabilitation Guidelines 1986: No. 4. Guideline for Managing Official Liability Associated With Building Rehabilitation1 x 2004 National Awards for Planning the Secretary's Opportunity and Empowerment Award1 x American Housing Survey for the NEW ORLEANS Metropolitan Area: 20041 x Cityscape A Journal of Policy Development and Research. Regulatory Reform and Affordable Housing. Volume 23, Number 1 20211 x ResearchWorks Volume 1 Number 11 x American Housing Survey Metro Book, 1993, San Francisco­Oakland1 x Updating the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Database Projects Placed in Service Through 20031 x Cityscape: Volume 17, Number 3, 2015: Housing Discrimination Today1 x Steel Framed Residential Construction: Demonstration Homes, 19961 x American Housing Survey for the SACRAMENTO Metropolitan Area: 2004