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American Housing Survey for the Anaheim-Santa Ana Metropolitan Area: 2002


1 x A Picture of Subsidized Households, Vol. 7: Great Plains1 x ResearchWorks Volume 1 Number 81 x Evidence Matters - Winter 20121 x A Picture of Subsidized Households 1996: Supplement on Incomes & Household Members1 x Office of University Partnerships Programs and Grantees1 x Empowerment: A New Covenant with America's Communities. President Clinton's National Urban Policy Report, 1995*1 x American Housing Survey Book, 1992, U. S. Supplement Tables1 x Subprime Markets, the Role of GSEs, and Risk-Based Pricing1 x Assisted Housing Quality Control, 1996*1 x The Homeownership Experience of Low-Income and Minority Families: A Review and Synthesis of the Literature 1 x Annual Performance Plan Fiscal Year 20061 x American Housing Survey Metro Book, 1994, San Diego1 x Expanding the Nation's Supply of Affordable Housing: An Evaluation of the HOME Investment Partnerships Program1 x Evidence Matters: Spring 20161 x Implementing a Quality Assurance System: A Trade Contractor Case Study1 x Claim for Actual Reasonable Moving and Related Expenses1 x Evidence Matters - Summer 20111 x Promoting Housing Choice in HUD's Rental Assistance Programs, 19951 x Assessment of the Availability and Cost of Financing for Small Multifamily Properties1 x State of the Nation's Cities: America's Changing Urban Life 19961 x Partner Satisfaction With HUD?s Performance: 2010 Survey Results and Trends Since 20051 x Beyond Shelter: Building Communities of Opportunity: The United States Report for Habitat II, 1996*1 x U.S. Housing Market Conditions: 2nd Quarter 19981 x Studies on Privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, 1996*2 x American Housing Survey Book, 1991, Metro Supplement Tables1 x America's Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being1 x Moving to Opportunity for Fair Housing Demonstration Program - Final Impacts Evaluation2 x Evaluation of the HOPE 3 Program: Final Report, 1996 1 x Creating Community: Integrating Elderly and Severely Mentally Ill Persons in Public Housing, 19931 x Evidence Matters - Fall 20121 x Homeownership and Affordable Housing: The Opportunities, 19911 x Defensible Space: Deterring Crime and Building Community, 19951 x Claim for Rental or Purchase Assistance1 x Energy Performance Contracting for Public and Indian Housing: A Guide for Participants, 1992* 1 x Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Database (Diskette), 19961 x A Picture of Subsidized Households, Vol. 8: Rocky Mountains1 x Public Housing Homeownership Demonstration Assessment: Case Studies, 19901 x U.S. Housing Market Conditions, 1st Quarter 19971 x U.S. Housing Market Conditions, 4th Quarter 19961 x Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac GSE Single-Family and Multifamily Mortgage Data for 1993: National Set (CD-ROM) *1 x Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Green Building Design in Section 202 and Section 811 Programs1 x A Picture of Subsidized Households in 1997: United States: Totals & Agencies with over 500 Units1 x Mortgage Aggregate Accounting Software (Diskette) 19951 x ResearchWorks Volume 4 Number 3, March 20071 x The Uses of Discretionary Authority in the Public Housing Program: A Baseline Inventory of Issues, Policy, and Practice1 x Metropolitan Area FactSheets - May 2013: Providence, RI1 x Cityscape: Volume 22, Number 2, 2020 - Two Essays On Unequal Growth In Housing1 x A Picture of Subsidized Households, Vol. 6: Southwest1 x Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research, Vol. 1 No. 3 (September 1995)1 x Dynamics of Dependence: The Routes to Self-Sufficiency.1 x Evidence Matters: Climate And Housing (Summer 2022)1 x Rediscovering Urban America: Perspectives on the 1980s, 19931 x Characteristics of New Housing: 1997 - Current Construction Reports1 x Creating a Local Advisory Council on Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing, 19921 x A Picture of Subsidized Households, Vol. 4: Southeast1 x Not In My Backyard: Removing Barriers to Affordable Housing, 1991 1 x FieldWorks1 x ResearchWorks Volume 3 Number 4, April – 20061 x Fiscal Year 2003 Annual Performance Plan1 x U.S. Housing Market Conditions: 1st Quarter 19981 x 2002 State GSE Single-Family Census Tract Data Set(s) Files by Metropolitan Statistical Area on CD-ROM1 x Guide to HUD USER Data Sets - 20111 x American Housing Survey H151-83 CINCH 1973-1983, H151-85-2 1980-1985, H151-91-2 1980-19911 x Public Housing in a Competitive Market: An Example of How It Would Fare, 1996*1 x An Analysis of FHA's Single-Family Insurance Program, 1996*1 x Assessment of the 1995 Model Energy Code for Adoption1 x U.S. Housing Market Conditions, 4th Quarter 19971 x How Much Do We Know?1 x All Things Being Equal: A Paired Test Study of Mortgage Lending in Institutions Final Report