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Cityscape - Volume 25, Number 1, 2023: Housing Technology Projects
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1 x American Housing Survey for Selected Metropolitan Areas: Cincinnati, 19981 x Evidence Matters - Summer 20111 x Cost of Accessible Housing, 1993*1 x Accessory Dwelling Units: Case Study1 x American Housing Survey H170 74 to 761 x Metropolitan Area FactSheets - May 2013: San Francisco - San Mateo - Redwood City, CA1 x A Picture of Subsidized Households 1996: Supplement on Incomes & Household Members1 x 2011 Housing Profile: Los Angeles - Long Beach, CA - American Housing Survey Fact Sheets1 x Metropolitan Area FactSheets - May 2013: Providence, RI1 x Cityscape: Volume 12, Number 2, 2010: Aging in Place1 x Evidence Matters: Summer/Fall 20181 x Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing: A Resource Guide, 1991*1 x Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac GSE Single-Family and Multifamily Mortgage Data for 1993: National Set (Magnetic Tape) *1 x Cityscape A Journal of Policy Development and Research. Regulatory Reform and Affordable Housing. Volume 23, Number 1 20212 x Urban Policy Brief #2: Homeownership and Its Benefits, 1995 *1 x Housing Research Delivered To Your Doorstep And Your Desktop (Hud User Brochure) - 20141 x Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, Part 3282, 19961 x Energy Conservation in Housing for the Homeless: A Guide for Providers, 1993*1 x Manufactured Housing: A HUD USER Resource Guide, 1993*1 x American Housing Survey Microdata, 1985-1989, National (CD-ROM)1 x 2011 Housing Profile: Charlotte - Gastonia - Conrad, NC - SC - American Housing Survey Fact Sheets1 x Metropolitan Area FactSheets - May 2013: San Diego - Carlsbad - San Marcos, CA1 x Options for Elderly Homeowners: A Guide to Reverse Mortgages and Their Alternatives, 19891 x A Picture of Subsidized Households, Vol. 7: Great Plains1 x Collaborating for Change: Partnerships to Transform Local Communities, Volume 11 x Urban Research Monitor1 x Cityscape - Volume 13, Number 1, 2011: DISCOVERING HOMELESSNESS1 x American Housing Survey for the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario Metropolitan Area: 20022 x Evidence Matters: Winter 20191 x ResearchWorks Volume 4 Number 6 June 20071 x Evidence Matters - Fall 20131 x 2006 Gse Single Family Census Tract Files By Msa on CD-ROM1 x American Housing Survey Metro Book, 1990, New Orleans1 x Evidence Matters - Winter 20111 x Cityscape, Volume 11, Number 2 - Regulatory Innovation and Affordable Housing1 x Guide to HUD User Data Sets - 20191 x American Housing Survey for Selected Metropolitan Areas: San Jose, 19981 x American Housing Survey For The Philadelphia Metro Area In 20031 x Defensible Space: Deterring Crime and Building Community, 19951 x Creating Connected Communities: A Guidebook for Improving Transportation Connections for Low- and Moderate-Income Households in Small and Mid-Sized Cities1 x Evidence Matters: Fall 2023 - Office to Residential Conversions1 x Promoting Self-Sufficiency in Public Housing; Urban Policy Brief No. 3, 1996*1 x ResearchWorks Volume 3 Number 7 July/August – 20061 x AHS National Data 1985-89 (CD ROM)1 x Alternatives to Lumber and Plywood in Home Construction, 1993*1 x American Housing Survey Tape Metro, 1989 (Choose EBCDIC or ASCII format)1 x U.S. Housing Market Conditions: 2nd Quarter 2011