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2004 GSE Single Family Census Tract Files By State


1 x A Builder's Guide to Marketable, Affordable, and Durable Entry-level Homes (MADE) To Last1 x Homelessness: Programs and the People They Serve - Highlights Report1 x Metropolitan Area FactSheets - May 2013: St Louis, MO - IL1 x Ideas That Work: Building Communities Through Homeownership1 x Collaborating for Change: Partnerships to Transform Local Communities, Volume 21 x Cityscape Volume 11, Number 1, 2009 - Lessons for the United States from Asian Nations1 x Cityscape - Volume 12, Number 1, 2010: HOPE VI1 x Alternatives to Lumber and Plywood in Home Construction, 1993*1 x Operation Bootstrap, Vol. II: Outcomes of Participation, 19941 x American Housing Survey Book, 1992, What Is the American Housing Survey?*1 x Evidence Matters: Supporting Homeowners and Renters During Times of Disruption (Summer/Fall 2020)1 x Cityscape - Vol. 14, No. 3, 2012: Residential Mobility: Implications for Families and Communities1 x Cityscape: Volume 22, Number 1 2020 - Housing Tenure and Financial Security1 x Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac GSE State Single-Family Census Tract Data Set for 1993 (CD-ROM)*1 x Rehabilitation Guidelines 1986: No. 5. Egress Guideline for Residential Rehabilitation1 x 2004 GSE Single Family Census Tract Files By MSA1 x American Housing Survey For The Los Angeles - Long Beach Metro Area In 20031 x An Owners Guide to Energy Efficiency in Single Family Rental Housings, 19921 x Model Energy Code Thermal Envelope Compliance Guide for 1 and 2 Family Dwellings 19941 x Cityscape: Volume 22, Number 3, 2020 - The Moving to Work Retrospective Evaluation1 x 2005 GSE Single Family Census Tract Files by MSA1 x Office of University Partnerships Programs and Grantees1 x FHA Foreclosure Tapes (25 Microdata Tapes)19951 x 2003 Metropolitan Statistical Area GSE Single-Family Census Tract Data Set(s) on CD-ROM1 x Cityscape - Volume 24, Number 3, 2022: Covid-19 And The Housing Markets1 x Escrow Management for Single-Family Residential Property: Phase 1 Report, 19911 x American Housing Survey for the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Area: 20071 x Where Are They Now?1 x 2004 GSE Single Family Census Tract Files By State1 x Are You Remodeling a Multi-Family Building?, 19961 x American Housing Survey for Selected Metropolitan Areas: Baltimore, 19981 x American Housing Survey Metropolitan H170 Reports, 1991-19921 x HUD Five-Year Plan for Energy Efficiency, 19941 x Evidence Matters - Fall 20131 x Public and Assisted Housing Reforms for the 21st Century *Encore* Resident Leaders Conference, April 2-4, 20011 x 2011 Housing Profile: Cincinnati - Middleton, OH - KY - IN - American Housing Survey Fact Sheets1 x 2007 GSE Single Family Census Tract Files (2 CDs)1 x Evidence Matters Factory-Built Housing (Winter/Spring 2020)1 x 1997 State of the Cities*1 x 1997 State GSE Single-Family Census Tract Data Set(S) On IBM PC-Compatible Diskette