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Industrializing the Residential Construction Site
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1 x Rehabilitation Guidelines 1986: No. 2. Approval of Building Rehabilitation1 x Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac GSE Multifamily Mortgage Data Diskette Set for 2000 (CD-ROM)*1 x Evidence Matters - Spring 20171 x American Housing Survey Tape National, 1993 (Choose EBCDIC or ASCII format)1 x Metropolitan Area FactSheets - May 2013: Phoenix - Mesa - Scottsdale, AZ1 x American Housing Survey Tape National, 1987 (Choose EBCDIC or ASCII format)1 x Innovative Rehabilitation Technologies: A State of the Art Overview, 1996*1 x Cityscape: Volume 20 Number 3, 2018 - Youth Homelessness1 x 1997 State GSE Single-Family Census Tract Data Set(S) On IBM PC-Compatible Diskette2 x Cityscape: Volume 12, Number 2, 2010: Aging in Place1 x A Pilot Study of Landlord Acceptance of Housing Choice Vouchers1 x American Housing Survey H171 Supplement to the U.S. 1984-19881 x Subsidized Housing Projects' Geographic Codes, Form HUD-951 (CD-ROM), 1996 *1 x Urban Policy Brief #2: Homeownership and Its Benefits, 1995 *1 x 2011 Housing Profile: Charlotte - Gastonia - Conrad, NC - SC - American Housing Survey Fact Sheets1 x Research Works Volume 3 Number 10 - November 20061 x Cityscape, Volume 11, Number 3 - Immigration1 x Housing Research Delivered To Your Doorstep And Your Desktop (Hud User Brochure) - 20131 x American Housing Survey H170 80 to 811 x Annual Performance Plan FY 20051 x ResearchWorks Volume 5, Number 10 - November 20081 x Evidence Matters - Winter 20142 x Wealth Accumulation and Homeownership: Evidence for Low-Income Households1 x 2007 American Housing Survey - Data Chart1 x Updating the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Database: Projects Placed in Service through 20021 x American Housing Survey for the Buffalo Metropolitan Area: 20021 x Metropolitan Area FactSheets - May 2013: Virginia Beach - Norfolk - Newport News, VA1 x American Housing Survey National Microdata 1999 Table Generating Data Disk1 x Fair Housing Act Design Manual, Revision Sheets (order this version if you have the 1996 edition)1 x American Housing Survey Book, 1991, U. S. Supplement Tables