Private Management of Public Housing: A Guidebook


1 x Worst Case Housing Needs 2011
1 x The Importance of Wealth and Income in the Transition to Homeownership
1 x Evidence Matters: Spring 2018
1 x Characteristics of Mortgages Purchased by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, 1993-95
1 x The GSEs' Purchases of Single-Family Rental Property Mortgages
1 x Strategies for Preventing Homelessness
1 x From Welfare to Work: Using HUD's Programs to Help Families in Transition
1 x Housing Discrimination Study Data Tape (Computer Package), 1991
1 x Baseline Assessment of Public Housing Desegregation Vol. 1 Cross-Site Analysis
1 x The National Evaluation of the Supportive Housing Demonstration Program: Final Report, 1995
1 x Evidence Matters - Fall 2012
1 x Final Comprehensive Report of the Freestanding Housing Voucher Demonstration, Vol. II: Appendixes, 1990
1 x Public Housing Drug Elimination Program Resource Document: Final Report, 1994
1 x Rates of Foreclosure in Home and ADDI Programs
1 x Evidence Matters - Spring/Summer 2014
1 x Successful Mortgage Lending Strategies for the Underserved: Volume II of II
1 x Evidence Matters - Winter 2015
1 x Report to Congress on the Federal Home Loan Bank System: Summary Analysis and Policy Recommendations, 1994
1 x Escrow Management for Single-Family Residential Property, Phase 1: Report, 1991
1 x Evidence Matters: Spring 2016
1 x Cityscape: Volume 20, Number 2, 2018 - The Housing-Health Connection
1 x Cityscape: Volume 12, Number 2, 2010: Aging in Place
1 x Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing: A Resource Guide, 1991*
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