Rental Housing Assistance at a Crossroads: A Report to Congress on Worst Case Housing Needs, 1996*

1 x Pre-Purchase Counseling Outcome Study: Research Brief
1 x Revised Methods of Providing Federal Funds for Public Housing Agencies, 1994 *
1 x The State of the Housing Counseling Industry: 2008 Report
1 x Random Digit Dialing Surveys: A Guide to Assist Larger Public Housing Agencies in Preparing Fair Market Rent Comments, 1998
1 x Worst Case Housing Needs 2007
1 x Rental Housing Discrimination on the Basis of Mental Disabilities: Results of Pilot Testing
1 x Resident Assessment of Housing Quality: Lessons from Pilot Surveys
1 x Urban Policy Brief #1: Residential Mobility Programs, 1994 *
1 x State and Metropolitan Administration of Section 8:Current Models
1 x Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Green Building Design in Section 202 and Section 811 Programs
1 x The Uses of Discretionary Authority in the Public Housing Program
1 x Rental Housing Assistance at a Crossroads: A Report to Congress on Worst Case Housing Needs, 1996*
1 x Where Are They Now?
1 x The Impacts of Federal Welfare Reform on HUD Public and Assisted Housing*
1 x The Occupancy Challenge (Videotape), 1990
1 x Urban Policy Brief #2: Homeownership and Its Benefits, 1995 *
1 x Welfare Reform Impacts on the Public Housing Program: A Preliminary Forecast
1 x Housing Research Delivered to Your Doorstep ... and Your Desktop
1 x Tenant Integrity Program: Training Guide for Public Housing and Section 8 Certificate, Voucher, and Moderate Rehabilitation Program, 1992 *
1 x Scattered-Site Housing: Characteristics and Consequences, 1996*
1 x Rental Housing Surveys: A Guide to Assist Smaller PHAs in Preparing Fair Market Rent, 1998 (Comments)
1 x Foreclosure Counseling Outcome Study: Final Report
1 x Public Housing That Works: The Transformation of America's Public Housing
1 x Success in the New Welfare Environment
1 x An Estimate of Housing Discrimination Against Same-Sex Couples
1 x Why Not In Our Community?” Removing Barriers to Affordable Housing(February 2005)
1 x Cost-Saving Construction Opportunities and the HOME Program: Making the Most of HOME Funds
1 x Creating a Local Advisory Council on Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing, 1992
1 x What Happens to Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Properties at Year 15 and Beyond?
1 x Stock and Asset Management in Public Housing,1996*
1 x Tenant Integrity Program: Training Guide for the Indian Housing Program, 1991 *
1 x Analysis Of FHA Single-Family Default And Loss Rates
1 x Urban Policy Brief #3: Promoting Self-Sufficiency in Public Housing, 1996 *
1 x Housing Discrimination Against Racial and Ethnic Minorities 2012-Executive Summary
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