American Housing Survey for the Charlotte Metropolitan Area: 2002


1 x American Housing Survey for the Washington Metropolitan Area: 2007
1 x Saving and Creating Good Jobs: A Study of Industrial Retention and Expansion Programs
1 x Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research, Vol. 1 No. 3 (September 1995)
1 x American Housing Survey 2001 National Microdata & Table Generating Data Disk
1 x Making Rental Housing Energy Efficient: Guide to Performing Energy Retrofit During Multifamily Property Rehabilitation, 1990 *
1 x The Rehab Guide, Volume 5: Partitions, Ceilings, Floors and Stairs
1 x Innovative Residential Floor Construction: Structural Evaluation of Steel Joists with Pre-Formed Web Openings
1 x HUD Rehabilitation Energy Guidelines for One-to Four-Family Dwellings (Manual and Disk), 1996
1 x Barriers to Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing Volume 1: Findings and Analysis
1 x Rediscovering Urban America: Perspectives on the 1980s, 1993
1 x Innovative Rehabilitation Provisions: A Demonstration of the Nationally Applicable Recommended Rehabilitation Provisions
1 x Statutorily Mandated Designation of Difficult Development Areas for Section 42 of the IRS Code of 1986, 1995 *
1 x What Works! In the empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities
1 x Energy Performance Contracting for Public and Indian Housing: A Guide for Participants, 1992*
1 x Rehabilitation Guidelines 1986: No. 5. Egress Guideline for Residential Rehabilitation
1 x American Housing Survey for the Boston Metropolitan Area: 2007
1 x Building Communities and New Markets: The 1998 Consolidated Report - Appendices
1 x Cityscape Volume 8 Number 2- Studies in Assisted Housing
1 x What Works! In the empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities: Volume III
1 x Testing and Design of Lintels Using Insulating Concrete Forms*
1 x Implementing HUD's Energy Strategy: Progress Report 2008
1 x Innovations at the Cutting Edge: New Ideas in Manufactured Housing
1 x American Housing Survey For The Los Angeles - Long Beach Metro Area In 2003
1 x American Housing Survey Metropolitan Data on CD ROM, 1998
1 x The Rehab Guide: Volume 2 - Exterior Walls
1 x The Rehab Guide Volume 1: Foundations
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