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What We Know About Mortgage Lending Discrimination in America $10.00 Buy Now
Wealth Accumulation and Homeownership: Evidence for Low-Income Households $5.00 Buy Now
The Sustainability of Homeownership: Factors Affecting the Duration of Homeownership and Rental Spells $5.00 Buy Now
The Potential of Downpayment Assistance for Increasing Homeownership Among Minority and Low-Income Households $5.00 Buy Now
The Multifamilty Secondary Mortgage Market: The Role of the Government $5.00 Buy Now
The Influence of Household Formation on Homeownership Rates Across Time and Race $5.00 Buy Now
The Importance of Wealth and Income in the Transition to Homeownership $5.00 Buy Now
The Impact of House Price Appreciation on Portfolio Composition and Savings $5.00 Buy Now
The GSEs' Purchases of Single-Family Rental Property Mortgages $5.00 Buy Now
The GSEs' Funding of Affordable Loans: A 1996 Update $5.00 Buy Now
The Growth Earnings of Low-Income Households and the Sensitivity of Their Homeownership Choices to Economic and Socio-Demographic Shocks $5.00 Buy Now
The Distribution of Homeownership Gains During the 1990s Across Neighborhoods $5.00 Buy Now
Testing for Discrimination in Home Insurance $15.00 Buy Now
Successful Mortgage Lending Strategies for the Underserved: Volume II of II $5.00 Buy Now
Successful Mortgage Lending Strategies for the Underserved: Volume I of II $5.00 Buy Now
Studies on Privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, 1996* $5.00 Buy Now
Report to Congress on the Federal Home Loan Bank System: Summary Analysis and Policy Recommendations, 1994 $15.00 Buy Now
Rates of Foreclosure in Home and ADDI Programs $5.00 Buy Now
Providing Alternatives to Mortgage Foreclosure: A Report to Congress, 1996* $15.00 Buy Now
Privatization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Desirability and Feasibility: A HUD Report, 1996* $20.00 Buy Now

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1 x "2001 American Housing Survey" Wall Chart (HUD)
1 x A Guidebook for Measuring Crime in Public Housing with Geographic Information Systems
1 x Cityscape - Vol. 16, No. 3, 2014: American Neighborhoods: Inclusion and Exclusion
1 x 2011 Housing Profile: Buffalo - Niagra Falls, NY - American Housing Survey Fact Sheets
1 x Homeownership and Affordable Housing: The Opportunities, 1991
1 x Study on Section 8 Voucher Success Rates Volume II: Qualitative Study of Five Rural Areas
1 x Are You Remodeling a One- to Four-Family Dwelling?,1996,
1 x 1999 Income Limits for "Low Income," "Very Low Income," and "Median Income," Diskette version (ASCII and Excel) *
1 x Cityscape - Volume 13, Number 2, 2011: Rental Housing Policy in The United States
1 x Assessing Property Value Impacts of Dispersed Housing Subsidy Program
1 x Searching for Home: Mentally Ill Homeless People in America*
1 x The GSEs' Funding of Affordable Loans: A 1999 Update
1 x Characteristics of Mortgages Purchased by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, 1993-95
1 x HUD's Office of Policy Development & Research Biennial Report FY 2017-2018
1 x Summary of the HUD Research Series Examining Barriers to Hispanic Homeownership and Efforts to Address These Barriers
1 x 2004 GSE Single Family National And Multifamily Census Tract Files
1 x Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research, Special issue (December 1996)
1 x U.S Housing Market Conditions 2nd QTR 2005
1 x Combined Axial and Bending Load Tests of Fully-Sheathed Cold-Formed Steel Wall Assemblies
1 x Retrofitting Apartment Buildings to Conserve Water
1 x A National Survey of Rehabilitation Enforcement Practices
1 x OUP programs & grantees
1 x Development and Analysis of the National Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Database, 1996
1 x Subprime Markets, the Rold of GSEs, and Risk-Based Pricing
1 x Commentary on the Prescriptive Method for Residential Cold-Formed Steel Framing: First Edition, 1996*
1 x Research Maps (R-MAPS) Volume 2: Selected Research Data Sets for 1998, February 2001
1 x 2011 Housing Profile: Cleveland - Elyria - Mentor, OH - American Housing Survey Fact Sheets
1 x Cityscape - Vol. 16, No. 1, 2014: Housing, Contexts, and the Well-being of Children and Youth
1 x 2001 Multifamily GSE Mortgage Data Sets on CD-ROM
1 x 2004 GSE Single Family Census Tract Files By State
1 x Quality Control for Rental Assistance Subsidies Determinations
1 x Assessment of Damage to Residential Buildings Caused by the Northridge Earthquake, 1994
1 x Smart Codes in Your Community: A Guide to Building Rehabilitation Codes
1 x U.S. Housing Market Conditions, Fourth Quarter, 2000
1 x Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Green Building Design in Section 202 and Section 811 Programs
1 x Cityscape - Volume 12, Number 1, 2010: HOPE VI
1 x Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Database (Diskette), 1996
1 x Adaptable Housing: A Technical Manual for Implementing Adaptable Dwelling Unit Specifications, 1987 *
1 x A Picture of Subsidized Households, Vol. 10: Northwest
1 x Assessment of the Comprehensive Grant Program, Vol. I: Final Report, 1996*
1 x Residential Finance Survey: 2001 Census 2000 Special Reports Issued September 2005
1 x Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research, Vol. 4, No. 2: Racially and Ethnically Diverse Urban Neighborhoods
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